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Working from Home - No Problem

Empower your Team to work remotely with Pondcherry- The Real Digital Workspace.

  • Get Project Work Done with complete collaboration and visibility.
  • Enable Clients to get reports without wasting endless hours in meeting.
  • Resolve Issues & Address queries with built in support system.


Shared Vison, More Clarity

Bid Goodbye to spreadsheets & Emails.. Get More time for Real Work

  • Your Team can collaborate efficiently without sending emails back or forth.
  • Single point of all your communication to avoid frictions & reduce conflicts.
  • No More buck passing. Everyone gets shared responsibility .

Self Service Portal

Manage your team without the chaos.

  • Customer get real time reports via Client Dashboard .
  • Employees get everything they need  via Self Service Portal
  • Visibility on Revenues & Spend to make right decisions


Everything you need to Run the Business

Business Management Suite for Agencies, Consulting Firms, Professional Services and Remote Teams.

Customer & Client Management

Only CRM with integrated Client Portal to enable your client with self service dashboard for project reports, support tickets, make invoice payments and much more.

Project Management

Manage Multiple Projects & Resources  via Gantt or KANBAN. Create, Delegate, Close Tasks and Track Milestones.  Estimate Project Efforts, Create Estimate & Send Project Proposals. Track Expenses, Budgets and Scope. 

Accounts & Finance

Track Expenses, Manage Revenues Schedule Auto Invoices  & Payment Remainders. Get Paid Online via integrated payment gateways and Handle Billings, Payables & Receivables. Draft, Sign & Record Contracts

Human Resource Management

Empower your team with self service employee management system.  Manage Holidays, Leaves, Time-Offs,  Attendance, Payroll, Compliance and Employee Engagement with Events, Benefits & Activities.  Quickly address employee issues and resolve conflicts.

Support Desk

Give your clients and team wings with Integrated Help desk system. Create Tickets, Resolve Issue and Track Resolutions with smart help desk system. Get Feedback from multiple resources.  

Reporting & Dashboard

Pull up real time reports across all business functions to make right decisions for growth and taking actions. All necessary business intelligence inbuilt to make you real smart.

Loved By Small Businesses, And Individuals Across The World

Pondcherry is worth a fortune to my company. Thanks for the great service. Features of Digital Office has completely surpassed our expectations.

Peter H

Just what I was looking for. Without Pondcherry, we would have doing hell lot of administrative paperwork. We've used for the last 5 months, and I surely recommend it to anyone who is still using paper or spreadsheet.

Alison Gordon

The software is excellent. We have no regrets! Just what I was looking for. I am deducting 1 point as the application hung last time.

Martin Savage

Absolutely wonderful! It has saved me 20 hours of manual work per week

Halbert Baker

I just can't get enough of Pondcherry. I want to get the free T-Shirt with Pondcherry on it so I can show it off to everyone in Rhode Island. :)

Damian Steele

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Pondcherry is the Digital Workspace for your team. Manage Business Operations and Empower your Employees to Deliver Results.